Electric cars in the UK 

UK Government has officially announced its ban on fuel vehicles from 2035. This scenario enables the UK people to shift from traditional fuel source vehicles to modern electrical source electric vehicles. 
European car manufactures are striving to eliminate the environmental damage along with the government by designing and manufacturing electric vehicles as per the people’s needs. Here the introduction of Nissan leaf in the car market has laid a foundation for the upcoming EV’s. 


Cheapest EV’s in the UK

The cheapest EV’s in the market would attract mid-income families to shift over EVs. Below provided are the top 3 cheapest electric cars that are available in the UK in 2021. They are 
  • Smart EQ Fortwo EV
  • Fiat 500
  • Seat Mii Electric

Smart EQ Fortwo EV 

As is it is one of the cheapest EVs available in the UK the two-seat variant ranges from £ 17,285. While the four-seater variant ranges from £20,420.  One pound sterling is equal to 101.45 INR. Hence in INR two-seater accounts for nearly Rs.17, 53, 547. 


Features of Fortwo EV

  • You can charge up to 80% within 40 minutes
  • It can provide over 70 miles on a single charge 
  • Also, you can reach 0-37 mph within 4.8 seconds 
These are some of the notable features of Smart EQ Fortwo. 

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 is also listed as one of the cheapest cars in the UK. While other variants like 500X and 500L accounting up to £19,860 and £18,030. 

Features of Fiat 500 

  • It can reach up to 112 miles within a single charge.
  • Fiat 500 can reach up to 0-62 mph within 9.5 seconds. 
  • You can charge 80 percent within 35 minutes. 

Seat Mii Electric 

Seat Mii Electric costs nearly £20,300 which is also one of the cheapest EVs in the UK. 

Features of Seat Mii Electric

  • It has a battery capacity of 32.3 kWh. 
  • Seat Mii EV can go up to 145 km -320 km depending upon the weather conditions. 
  • You can charge the car to its full capacity within 48 mins by using the fast charger. 
The above mentioned are the list of available cheapest cars in the UK and their advantages. 

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