Internships play an important role in a mechanical engineering student’s life because they allow him to see the practical application of various things and make career path decisions in the future. As a result, there are various ways a student can find internship but a very famous and most used internhsip platform in India used is Internshala as the name suggests it is only for internship not job search so it filters out the job roles well it is not as easy as it looks thats why when


So we will go through some of the tried and true methods that applicants utilised to find internships in the mechanical engineering industry.


There are few pre requiste you must have before applying

    • LinkedIn Account: Create and optimize your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills, experience, and professional network.
    • Certificates: certificates of achievement,coursera course completed certificate,etc
    • CAD Design and Analysis Files: Organize and upload your CAD design and analysis files to Google Drive, as potential employers may request them as proof of your skills.
    • GitHub Profile: If you have coding experience, set up a GitHub profile and share the link to showcase your coding projects and contributions.
    • Resume: Create a well-crafted resume highlighting your educational background, technical skills, relevant experience, and achievements. Upload it to Google Drive for easy access and sharing.


Try to fill out all of the facts on the internshala resume; it is preferable to fill out anything than nothing; it is a way to demonstrate how serious you are about your job.

Well, shortlisting internships on Intershala is a skill to learn. There are various scams such as where they held webinars for doing some projects for the company. Don’t fall for them. The main goal is to get a better working company as most of the companies there are not large, but there are many good companies there looking for candidates.

Because internships are added on a regular basis, your major responsibility as a candidate is to continually be on the lookout for new opportunities. Make it a habit to check your internshaala app as frequently as you check your Instagram.

  • And while looking, there is a pool of various opportunities there so another way to smartly search is to filter your opportunity so give preference as mechanical engineer and the place you want to work after doing the filter it becomes so easy to grab good opportunity in pool of openings so after so as you see your potential role when applying always see the job description and apply
  • So, while applying, there are a few smart tricks you can use to stand out. So, while applying, you can add a cover message or cover letter so always add a descriptive message why you think you wanna work make it very close to their JD as it makes you stand out from 100’s in the message always add your link to your resume and LinkedIn or anything which you think might impress the other

All the best

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