There should be some unique place where you can get information about your passion. There should be a place where you should get info about what is happening into the world in your field. You should be updated with latest technology news. In search of that place landed us to Mechanical Info.

Mechanical Info (MI) came into existence to provide the information about trending topics in mechanical engineering like JOBS, EXAMS, RESULTS AND NEWS. Moreover you would find knowledge articles over here. The website is currently run by a group of mech geeks (meeks) who are highly passonate about mechanical engineering.

This site is handled by a team of mechanical engineers namely Manan Raval, Hardik Joshi and Various other mechanical engineering Experts.

Now many of you mech engineers would be preparing for exams like GATE, EIL, ISRO and many more. We would be posting Quiz regularly you can check your ability and your progress by yourself. So we would be providing tips for such highly competitive exams. Stay tuned for more information.

Now there are many things you come across starting from morning taking up toothbrush in hand, reaching to your destination using transportation service and finaly at the end of day sleeping on your bed. Ever wondered how these things are manufactured ? We would be posting how to? series in which you will get the knowledge how everyday usage things are manufactured.

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