To be ahead of career development in the Mechanical field, upcoming webinars for mechanical engineers in different institutes on different topics will serve you the professional knowledge. Webinars are an easy source of technical learning where you are fed with critical topics with the vision of future technology. 

exciting Webinars for Mechanical Engineers in January 2022

Below are some of the upcoming webinars conducted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

IMechE conducted webinars for Mechanical Engineers

1- Webinar: An Introduction to Nuclear safety 

An IMechE conducted a webinar that primarily focuses on Nuclear energy safety. Since nuclear energy has its own advantages and disadvantages on energy production, at some point it will lead to a nuclear accident. The effect will remain over hundreds and hundreds of years.

If you are a person to work with nuclear safety, then attend this webinar to attain knowledge on 

  • How to work safely with nuclear energy?
  • Things needed to know about the legislative background 
  • Knowledge about nuclear site licensing and regulation
  • Concept of ALARP
Webinar for Mechanical Engineers in January 2022

To book this webinar click on the below link

2- Webinar: AN IMechE Introductory Presentation 

This webinar is primarily to give a step by the step registration process for IMechE membership. Presenters will provide answers to all the doubts regarding the IMechE membership plan and its benefits. 

If you are a person longing to know the importance of IMechE on their role in career development, then this webinar is a perfect suit for you. This webinar is free of cost. To apply for a webinar click on the following link.

3-Webinar: Free Affiliate Membership 

This webinar is conducted primarily to induce the knowledge of opportunities in apprenticeship, degree, or in any institution. Presenters will provide you with the knock and corners of apprenticeship programs. You can also apply for free Affiliate Membership. Also explains the benefits of affiliate membership like accessing their world-class library and more. 

exciting Webinars for Mechanical Engineers in January 2022

To attend this webinar you must be in the apprenticeship program or degree within engineering. This webinar will be held on 24.01.2022. To apply to this webinar click on the below link.

4-Webinar: Top tips for negotiating a Pay rise 

If you are a hardworking employee who is looking for a pay rise, then this webinar will be a platform to achieve a pay rise. The things you can learn from this webinar 

  • What will be the best time to ask for a pay rise? 
  • Best way to approach a conversation while asking pay rise 
  • How to draw attention to you as a valuable employee
  • Some valuable tips to increase your chance of success

This webinar will be held on 26.01.2022. To apply to this webinar click on the following link.

5- Webinar: Role of Geothermal Energy in energy Transition 

This webinar focused on the challenges and opportunities in Geothermal energy. If you are looking to gain knowledge about Geothermal energy wells, then this will suitable for you. This webinar handles 

  • What are the differences and similarities between looped geothermal wells and a variety of wells?
  • Opportunities and challenges in Closed-loop geothermal energy wells 

This technical lecture will be held on 31.01.2022 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. To attend this technical lecture click on the following link

ASME conducted webinars for Mechanical engineers in January 2022 

1-Webinar: “Supply chain management and its importance in Modern-day business” 

This webinar is to provide knowledge about What is Supply chain management? And What are the impacts of supply chain management in modern-day business?. If you are a person with an interest in supply chain management then this will suitable for you.

To apply to this webinar click on the below link.

2- Webinar: “ASME DEI Toolkit – Panel Discussion”

This webinar will provide information about 

  • ASME Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Toolkit 
  • How toolkit promotes a healthy inclusive environment?
  • And how to secure the future of graduating engineers through ASME standards

To attend this webinar click on the below link.

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