Sandip Paul, A 15 years experienced innovative designer who created an impact in the design field through his simple and effective designs. He has adopted some unique techniques in his life to achieve this feat. Hope this article about “The Innovative ways of Sandip Paul to look upon things around us” will leave an impact on you. Certainly, design engineers like mechanical engineers will grasp an idea to design an innovative engineer product. 

“See things that don’t exist but can”

To be an innovative designer we could try to see things that won’t exist but come into reality with the vision of the designer. If you are willing to see things that don’t exist, try to stick to the following habits. 

Being empathetic

A designer must be empathetic to the problem around him. 

A real-time example: Sandip Paul had observed boys who deliver newspaper undergoes a bit of struggle in delivering them. He had empathy for them. He then developed his first product “Newspaper Dispenser” as a result of empathy. 

Don’t be habituated 

A designer won’t be habituated to the things around him. Don’t stick to things as it is. 

A real-time example: Sandip paul has traveled in Unreserved compartments in Indian trains. He noticed that there is no mug in the unreserved toilets. Generally, He doesn’t stick to things like using paper cups, cutting plastic bottles like other people. He then designed foldable paper mugs for use in train toilets. 

You see things that you look for

 As a designer, you would need to look for problems and you could add some value to improve the life experience of an individual. When you thought of looking into problems. Certainly, you will look into the problems.

A real-time example: Sandip Paul has looked into the vertically placed electric socket near the chef. But it has to be placed horizontally otherwise the chef got confused while cooking for on and off positions.  

He then alters the rectangle socket box into a square type which remains easy to on and off in vertical as well as in horizontal position. This perceptive look over the problem made him design this socket.

Seeing the invisible things 

A designer has to look deeper into things to find out problems that no one noted. Then you need to find the solution for the unnoticed problem. 

A real-time example: Sandip Paul looks deeper into the traditional two-pin plug. He identifies that it will become loose after a certain use. He alter the angle of the bottom side and named it an angular multiplug.

You need to be curious 

This helps the designer to look beyond the obvious. Curiosity involves a lot of research to develop a solution which the designer needed the most. 

A real-time example: An MNC company asked him to increase the height of their refrigerator. He did a lot of research in Indian houses to develop a new prototype. He then combines a storage basket and refrigerator holder to create a utility drawer. His curiosity and his research to find a solution helped all other companies around the world to adopt the concept of utility drawer in their refrigerator design. 

Simplify the things for the problems around us

As a designer, you would need to look for simple solutions to overcome the arising issues. 

A rel-time example: Sandip Paul and his wife are assigned to reduce the strain that arises while removing the ice cubes from ice trays. They simply alter the shape of the tray from square to the natural hemispherical shape of the water drop. Hence ice cubes pop out where no strain is required to remove ice cubes.

Thus an innovative designer needs to look closer and deeper into things and wouldn’t see the things like other people. These are the habits to be cultivated for a designer to see the things that don’t exist. “Observation is the key to real Innovation”- Sandip paul.

 Looking at things differently will provide a way to the innovation of new products in the market. Designers like Mechanical engineers would need to try this path to design new engineering products for human and industrial well-being. 

Key Points

Highlighted mentions of Sandip paul are

  • See things that don’t exist but can
  • Being empathetic
  • Don’t be habituated 
  • You see things that you look for
  • Seeing the invisible things 
  • You need to be curious 
  • Solutions are closer than you think.
  • Simplify the things for the problems around us

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