An electric car has become an unavoidable alternative to a gasoline vehicle. Electric car battery, electric power, and electric car range are some of the key features in which the car manufacturers are constantly working to enhance them. Generally, people would love it if their EV has a long-range capacity. This was the basic expectation of people who buy EV’s. They want their EV to run to considerable miles without any interruption. 

Factors for long-range electric cars

Battery source is the key feature that provides long-range for an electric car. Higher the battery capacity higher will be the power and range. 

Best long-range electric car

We have surveyed present EV’s in the market. The present top three long-range electric cars are 

  • Mercedes EQ5 450+
  • Tesla Model S
  • BMW iX drive 50

All three long-range cars are cars from world-leading luxurious EV manufacturers like Mercedes, Tesla, and BMW.

Mercedes EQ5 450+

Mercedes EQ 450+ is the longest-range electric car at present. It comes with a larger battery capacity of 107.8 kWh. This larger battery capacity provides the longest range of 453 miles which is equivalent to 770 kilometers.  This is an exact replica of an electric version of the Mercedes S-class gasoline vehicle.

Long range electric cars

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is the second-longest range electric car in the world at present. As a leading EV manufacturer, Tesla has exclusive lineups for future EV’s. It comes with a battery capacity of 100 kWh. Model S delivers a long range of 405 miles on it single charge. 

BMW iX xdrive 50

BMW iX xdrive 50 sports variant is the third leading longest range EV in the world at present. iX xdrive 50 has the highest EV battery capacity of 106.3kWh. This big battery delivers a range of 380 miles. With 10 minutes of charge, you can drive up to 93 miles. 

Long range electric cars

Other than this there are some other EV’s that delivers a long-range drive 

  • Ford Mustang Mach- E Extended range will deliver a range of 379 miles
  • BMW i4 has a range of 365 miles on its single charge
  • Tesla Model 3 has a range of 360 miles and Model X has a range of 348 miles
  • Volkswagen I.D.3 has a range of 340 miles 

Future scope of Long-range electric car

Long-range will be the key expectation for future EV’s. As per the sources if Tesla Roadster comes into the market in 2023 it will be the world’s longest-range electric car with the large battery capacity

Tesla Roadster 

Tesla Roadster has a battery capacity of 200 kWh. It can deliver up to a range of 620 miles as per the manufacturer. But on actual roads, it can able to deliver up to a range of 600 miles.

Lucid Air Dream Edition range 

Lucid Air Dream Edition range will be the rivalry for Tesla Roadster in terms of longest range. With a battery capacity of 118.0 kWh, it can deliver up to the range of 520 miles. 

Thus Mercedes EQ5 450+ and Tesla Roadster will remain as longest range electric cars in the present and future. 

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