Vision of Honda

Honda. co, the Japanese leading automotive manufacturers are now striving to shift their manufacturing units from gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles.

As an initial move, Honda has launched its first all-electric vehicle named Honda e Prototype in 2020. 

Initially, The manufacturer team plans to launch 10 EV’s for Chinese people within 10 years. As an initiative, Honda has announced their concept SUV named NS1 and NP1. This comes under the N series. These cars are exclusively for China.

Apart from those Honda is ready to launch its zero discharge vehicle in the USA and North America. This was named as Honda Prologue. Though the design was done by Honda manufacturers, Prologue was exclusively built by General Motors manufacturers in the USA. 

Honda electric cars Honda prologue

Does Honda make an electric car? 

Yes, Honda manufacturers are making a fully electric vehicle named Honda e Prototype. Honda e Prototype comes with a 28.5 kWh battery that can capable of providing a range of 75 miles to 158 miles.

Usually, The range can be varied based on climatic conditions. In the U.K the price would be £27,660.

You can reach up to 118 while charging for one hour using a fast charger. Honda will launch its upcoming EV’s in 2022 and 2024.

Honda electric cars

Is Honda working on electric cars? 

Honda was currently working on its next three concept cars named e: Coupe, e: N SUV, and e: NGT. They are planning to launch Honda e: NP1 and e: NS1 as their special editions. Honda e: NP1 and e: NS1 are making their debut in 2022.

Honda e Prototype is a design model for e: NP1 and e: NS1. Their mission is to launch 10 fully equipped electric vehicles in China within 10 years. 

Honda Prologue is going to make its debut in 2024 primarily in the USA and North America. 

What is the Honda electric car range?

At present, Honda’s electric vehicle is Honda e Prototype, Honda Prologue, Honda e: NP1, and e: NS1

  • Honda e Prototype has a range of 75 miles to 158 miles with fast charging capability. 
  • Honda Prologue SUV consists of a 100 kWh battery which provides a range of 300 miles. 
  • Honda’s special editions  e: NP1, and e: NS1 will provide a range of 310 miles

Shall we take the Honda Electric car lease? 

Yes, generally we can lease Honda electric cars. At present, Honda is selling only a Honda e prototype.

You can lease them at a cost of £350 per month. Honda Prologue is going to release in 2022.

It is expected to be eligible for the incentive of £7,500 from the federal EV tax credit. 

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