Many a times you come across a point where you need to select the material for manufacturing components of a machine. So in selecting steel you come across two types HOT ROLLED and COLD ROLLED. So being a mechanical engineer in this case which one would you choose?
For selecting a material you should know the properties and characteristics of the material. The next thing is the application. Where you are gonna use the material. So here are the properties of hot rolled and cold rolled materials.


The Hot rolled steel is heated upto 1700°F and then allowed to naturally cool down and gain its shape. Its then not reheated next time like cold rolled steel. During the process of cooling down it somewhat gets shrinked.

Price: Its less costly compared to Cold Rolled steel.

Strength: Its Weaker

Weldability: Its very good for Welding

Machinability: Experiences no Warping

Dimensional Accuracy: Good

Surface Finish: Not Good compared to Cold Rolled


The COLD steel is similar to HOT rolled steel but just the difference is that it has furthur processing. Furthur it is cooled using Annealing or Tempering.

Price: Its costly

Strength: Its Stronger

Weldability: Good for Welding but attains properties of HOT rolled steel where welded.

Machinability: Experiences Warping

Dimensional Accuracy: Excellent

Surface Finish: Excellent

So if the application needs very greater amount of accuracy and high strength then COLD rolled steel is more better choice.