PTC Introduced new version of creo i.e. 3.0

Creo is a modeling and simulation software which is used by engineers to develop drawings. As designers communicate through drawings.The core thing that PTC has introduced in their latest version is UNITE TECHNOLOGY. Now lets dig into it.


With so many softwares available in the market for modeling and designing its difficult to interoperate the models created in one software to other.

Oftenly much of the designers time is wasted in correcting the models which are imported from other softwares like CATIA, UG, SOLIDWORKS etc.

  An awesome interoperatibility feature introduced in CREO 3.0 will solve designers issue. With the help of UNITE TECHNOLOGIES this labouring task gets removed and interoperatibility gets easy. You can easily open up the files created in other softwares in their native file format. CREO 3.0 has this capabilities.

Suppose one of your vendor has developed a frame structure in CATIA and other supplier has developed its mating part  in SOLIDWORKS for then you can easily open both the files in their native file format in CREO 3.0

In CREO 3.0 the files edited in other softwares gets updated in CREO 3.0 very easily. Suppose you edit the original file in its native file format ( NX, CATIA, SE, JT, FUSION, SOLIDWORKS FORMAT) then it gets automatically updated in CREO assemblies and the drawing created in creo.

Apart from that you can directly edit the model in its native file format using creo without any intermidetiary files being created.

Some of the other features added are user experience has been improved and provides a greater workflow into assemblies.

Creo Simulation is improved. Improvements in Plastic analysis and mould filling solutions. A special feature thickness check has also been added.

All in all the big change is INTEROPERATABILITY feature which will save hell lot of time of the designers. Apart from that CREO 3.0 is improved in the terms of user experience.