Just couple of weeks are remaining for the GATE Exam and most of university had completed their exam. So this is the perfect time to start GATE Preparation with full flagged. If someone will to do preparation seriously or will fail to utilized this time period GATE would be a bad dream. Most of the GATE Aspirants confused How to complete four year Syllabus within this short time period? Even many of us think that saying it is easier than doing. But believe me, to be successful we should have to try with sincere and best effort rather than just think that what we can do in this short time. Refresh yourself, set a strong mindset that “I can do this”, Do hard work along smart work and trust me you will make it happen and at least you will be happy that you at least just tried with your best any you gave your best try.
If you want perform well in this gate exam, following are some tips which might be useful in you preparation.
11. Check the weightage of the subjects
Check the weightage of all the subjects of your branch and prepare the subjects first which carry more weightage. Subjects having low weightage will consume your time and might not be helpful to score more in the exam
22.   Solve previous year paper as many as you can
This will helps you to know the pattern and types of questions which can be asked in the exam. Also you can get the practice and experience of actual exam so you can manage your time real exam.
33.Read your Class notes and Hand written notes
This will helps you to cover more topics in less time as you had already gone through it and you had  prepare notes as per your own understanding way.
44.  Join Test series
By joining online test series, you will feel real atmosphere of exam and also you can find you short falls and weak point so that you can do preparation accordingly.
55.   Avoid Soft copies
Avoid to read soft copies of books and question paper. Soft copies are easily available but the disadvantages of soft copies is that simplification, notes, highlight cannot be added easily and there are more chances to be diverted from the study. It’s better to take print of those books and material.
66.Keep Formula book ready for last minute revision
Note important formulas, definition, constants separately so that you can easily access it while doing last minute revision.
Do your preparation with sincere effort and plan your schedule properly. Defiantly you will perform well in your exam. Don’t get confused and stressed in before the exam. Avoid reading up to last minute of exam.
So start your preparation with this minute till the day of exam…………..

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