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We also saw how to cteate assembly of spur gear in CREO.

Then in the next step we did a simple simulation of spur gears in ANSYS and found out the stress and strain values acting at the contact points.

Now we will look at a software which is very useful for solving gear calculations very easily. It is very useful for mechanical engineers. Its an Android software very easy to use.
You need to enter few input quantities and the software will provide you with the values required to design the gear.
Here is a screen shot of the software and an example to calculate.

You need to enter the values of module, pitch and outside diameter.

For example

  • Enter the module as 2.5
  • Pitch of 5
  • And outside circle diameter of 130

Now click on calc button and just see the results on a flash of an eye.

You can get the values of pitch diameter, Root Diameter, Addendum , Dedendum, whole depth, No. Of teeth and clearance.

To use this software download from google play store: CLICK HERE