Are you a mechanical engineer and searching for a job?
 Do you want to know what does the recruiters’ look in the resume?

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Mechanical Engineering jobs requires a specific skill set to fix the problems of real world.

David Skinner in the above video states that the things that recruiter sees in the resume of the candidate are as follows:

  • The specific kind of skillset that you have
  • The type of education you have whether its Bachelors or Masters
  • If you are a fresher then it’s about the projects that you have worked on
  • The skills that you have used as a tool to solve real-world problems.
  • The kinds of assignments that you have managed in your past role and experiences
  • The papers that you have Presented at the national level
  • The certifications that you have achieved in your career
  • The professional societies that you are associated with
  • The number of awards that you have won
  • The multidisciplinary knowledge that you have
  • The multicultural experience
  • The leadership role and experience that you had in the past.
  • So keep in mind all the above points for building up your mechanical engineering career or career in any other field.

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