Here is the quiz for Mechanical Engineers check out your skills.

1. Whether Weight density will change with location?
A) Yes
B) No
C) Can’t say anything
D) Depends on fluid

2. Viscosity is due to………
A) Transfer of molecular momentum
B) Intermolecular cohesion
C) Both (a) (b)
D) None of the above

3. Viscosity of non Newtonian fluid depends on ……………….
A) Time
B) Temperature
C) Nature of surface
D) Both (a) and (b)

4. Which one is true?
A) Hoop stress>Longitudinal Stress
B) Hoop stress is less than Longitudinal Stress
C) Hoop stress =Longitudinal Stress
D) cant say anything

5. A plan is loaded with shear stress T only. What is the value of max. shear stress
A) ) T
B) 2T
C) T/2
D) 0.4Tbr />

6. Which of the following have a highest thermal resisitivity?
A) Air
B) Water
C) Aliminium
D) Cast iron