Here is the quiz for Mechanical Engineers check out your skills.

1.Which of the folllowing sand have more strength ?
A) Core Sand
B) Mould sand
C) both have same strength
D) cant sany anything

2. Which of the following joint can be obtained with ultrasonic welding?
A) Lap joint
B) butt joint
C) any
D) none

3. Friction welding restricted to
A) Lap joint
B) but joint
C) Any
D) None

4. cracking of base metal is due to
A) High joint regidity
B) Excessive stresses
C) Arc blow
D) poor joint selection

5. Shake allowances are generally applied to
A) ) Lateral dimensions to parting line
B) linear dimensions to parting line
C) all dimensions
D) to parting line diemsions only

6. penetration is the casting defect occures due to
A) low temperature
B) High temperature
C) high fluidity
D) low fluidity

7. Hot tears in casting occurs due to………
A) poor collapsibitlity
B) good collapsibility
C) depends on pouring temperature
D) depends on pouring velocity