Here is the quiz for Mechanical Engineers check out your skills.

1.Work developed in free expansion process
A) Maximum
B) minimum
C) Zero
D) cant sany anything

2. Accuracy of vernier caliper can be measured by……
A) slip guage
B) cmm
C) sine bar
D) all of above

3. In centrifuge casting process
A) core is made of ferrous metal
B) core is made of non ferrous metal
C) core is made of sand
D) no core is used

4. temperature arc produced in arc welding is in the range of
A) 4000° C to 4500° C
B) 4500° C to 5000 ° C
C) 5000 ° C to 5500 ° C
D) 6000 ° C to 7000 ° C

5. If acetylene proportation is less than the oxygen then the flame produce is
A) oxidising
B) carburising
C) neutral
D) none of these

6. 1 bar = ………….. M of water column
A) 9.8
B) 10
C) 10.197
D) 1