Here is the quiz for Mechanical Engineers check out your skills.

1.) The spindle speed in lathe machine follows………
A) Arithmetic Progression
B) Geometric Progression
C) Logarithmic Progression
D) None of Above

2.) Size of the shaper machine is given by……
A) Table size
B) Stroke length
C) Machine weight
D) All of the above

3.) Which of the machining process consumes maximum specific energy?
A) Grinding
B) Facing
C) Turning
D) Drilling

4.) Hardness of the grinding wheel is specified by …..
A) Ability of the bond to retain Abrasives
B) Hardness of the bond
C) Hardness of abrasive grains
D) All of above

5.) In which of the following processes does not involve tool wear?
A) Grinding
B) ultrasonic machining
C) Electrochemical machining
D) Anode mechanical machining

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