Here is the quiz for Mechanical Engineers check out your skills.

1.) Surface tension is …………………… at higher temperature
A) Higher
B) Lower
C) Cant predict
D) Independent of temperature

2.) If we placed turbine inbetween limbs of pressure guage.…
A) Turbine rotates and electricity produced
B) Turbine rotates but electricitynot produced
C) Turbine rotates once only
D) Cant say anything

3.) Load lifted through hydraulic lift is based on…..
A) Pascal’s law
B) Archimedies Law
C) bernoulies law
D) All of above

4.) Presuure at the bottom of reservoir is same irrespective of shape is known as
A) Pascal’s law
B) Archimedies Law)
C) hydraustatic peradox
D) All of above

5.) One said he got (-1.23bar) absolute pressure in his experiment.
A) )reading was wrong
B) reading was true
C) Experiment condition has to be specified
D) Reading may be right or wrong

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