Moveo Co. was established in 2008 by Antro Nonprofit Ltd. And its professional background provided the basis for the development of the Moveo scooter since the founder had already been working on the development of the solo multi-hybrid drive concept car. 
Moveo scooter is lightweight, strong, environment-friendly, foldable, electric scooter which can be carry with without any issue of space and weight. It can be folded upto 2/3 times then its original size. Foldability makes Moveo an outstanding supplementary device of transport, it fits to a car trunk, yacht or camper van/motor home. Moveo is simply foldable, and it can be moved on its wheels in folded state as well. It has 0% harmful Emission. Moveo is almost maintenance free and its battery can be removable so it can be charged anywhere.
Some of the Feature of MOVEO Scooter are as below:
Weight: 45Kg
Charging Time: 2Hr
Speed Up to: 45Km/hr
Body Material: 100% carbon body
Strength: 5 times stronger than steel
Lightness: 1.5 times lighter than Aluminium
Folded Width: 75cm
Folded Height: 99cm
Folded Length: 78cm