Dear Mechanical engineering students here we are with another interview with Vipul Mori who topped in GTU by securing 2nd position in with  9.35 spi in GTU . He is a boy from Dhrabavad Village after completing B.E. from Gardividyapith, currently pursuing his masters degree in production engineering from Atmiya Instute,Rajkot. He is an example of how a strong determination in your mind can lead you towards success and achievement.

Hi Vipul Mori Welcome to Mechanical Info & Big Congratulations for Getting Top position in GTU. Tell us your secret behind it.

Q.1: How do you plan your studies?
 I had planned it in such a way that I ensure to complete all subject syllabus. My desertation work got complete by visiting in industry per week and provide solution to their problems or project work.

Q.2: What was your daily schedule?
Ans Every day I spent minimum 2 to 3 hours for reading a technical book. And during reading time I  spend 7 to 8 hours for complete a syllabus. My daily schedule is take a rest minimum 8 to 9 hours. And  at morning time, I spend minimum 10 to 15 minute for exercise. And take regular lunch, dinner and breakfast ( never compromise in take a food)

Q.3: in extra time you taught student so tell us how did you manage your time along with teaching other student?
Ans Life is like a time management, your total work is should be divided in different parts so can easily manage your work.

Q.4: What are your future plan?
Ans  After completion of master degree in production Engineering I would like be a professor. And I will like to get admission in good university to complete P.H.D.

Q.6: your favorites book, movie, and best thing that you enjoy doing?
Ans…All technical books are my favorite books, I don’t like to see any movie but I like Roadies show and Sandeep maheswari video. I like to do a stage show like a “hasya program”.  

Q.7: what are the tips and tricks to study ( method to study) ?
Ans your reading work is should not depend on got SPI, CGPA. But just enjoy a lot during reading time and go deeper into the subject and understanding the subject. And if its possible try to complete whole syllabus.

 So Vipul Mori is a real example of the fact that “If you once determine to do what you want then nothing is impossible”