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Today I am gonna introduce you a wierd mechanical engineer who has dedicated his life to his passion.
His name is jigesh patel.

He was my class mate during engineering. So I know a bit about him.
He is crazy fun loving person. He enjoys each and every moment whatever he does. He is expectionalist Gujju with titles like Gutirast, Dancer, Singer, Dosen’t worry for a moment also.

Now lets get into what he did during his engineering.
Robocon competition was Introduced for the first time in gardividyapith during 2011.

All the classmates including seniors applied for it. A team was formed combining mixture of Mechanical and EC students.

He was determined and interested. Most of the students were busy in worrying about attendance, clearing exams and all. But Jigs disn’t mind it at all. His focus was only on Robocon. He spent nights at the college only developing and thinking about Robots. All that he was given was a theme of Robocon and a team to work with. He created everything from nothing. At the end of show he created and developed the Robots.

Similarly he repeated this trend in the upcoming years too.Gaining experience from past mistakes he developed more optimized robots and gave good competitions to teams from other states. He was passonate about it that again he spent nights into college and he loved designing and developing the stuff. 

Similarly he repeated taking part into robocon developing robots. And today he is guiding his juniors for developing robots.

Lastly he has guided the mechtreeiners team to design a Tricycle for ASME HPVC competition.

You must be wondering what about his exams?
He just took books on the day before the exam and solved the chapters whole night upto with rarely 3 hours to sleep afterwards. But what he learnt was with full concentration and understanding.

Total Projects by Mr. Jigesh Patel

  • First robocon
  • Second robocon
  • Third robocon
  • Hpvc

My insights into working of life and achieving your desired goal

Power of Concentration
You should have good concentration power. U must have heard about magnifying glass kept in sunlight concentrates the rays at one place and can burn paper.
Next example is hammer a rod at one place continuously and it will dig dip over there.

Doing Continuous Work Repeatedly
After getting idea on what to concentrate upon. You should stick to your work or passion and continuously improve it.

As you do the same work you start gaining experience and skill.
Its easy to understand. At the time of starting some new activity it took hours to do it. But as you practice it, it takes just few seconds lateron.

One of example is I met a sir during viva of my final sem project and he narrated me story of a mech engineer boy who was just interested in pumps. During his engineering he just read books on pumps other than regular studies. And at the end of engineering he read totally 25 different books on engineering. And today he is having a pump manufacturing unit of his own.

“Because practice makes a man perfect”
Live Example is Sachin Tendulkar. The Indian Cricket legent who practiced continuously and attained perfection.

Generating a Constant Field

You should generate a field around you of similar people of your liking. You should create the similar environment of the things that you are doing.
One of the great example is michael phelps. He continuously practiced for several years into swimming stadium and was surrounded only by swimmers.

Having Faith
Do you know what is difference between hope and faith?
Let me tell u hope is you are not certain that the event would happen in future you are just expecting it to happen.
But having faith is that you are certain that it would definetely happen in future. You never doubt the expected event.
So keep faith in yourself and things that you do

To know more about him visit his personal website : JIGESH PATEL