Generally Mechanical Engineering design interview consists of three basic rounds

i) Practical Modeling Test ( Checks your Accuracy and speed in modeling and drawing.)

ii) Technical Interview ( Your current work profile + Your Technical knowledge + What they Require + Basic questions on software )

iii) HR Round ( Checks your attitude )

Here we are with the questions asked in mechanical engineering design engineer interview questions.

1) Tell me somehing about yourself.

2) What is your current position and role in industry?

3) Since how many years you are using creo?

4) What is skeleton modeling?

5) What is maximum amount of draft which could be given in creo?

6) What is creo customisation?

7) What is least count?

8) What are the least count of  micrometer ?

9) Which standards do you use for design ?

10) Which material are used in designing a component?

11) How do you estimate the cost of component or machine?

12) What is GD & T ?

13) Do you know mechanism in creo?

14) How to measure hardness of material?

15) How tolearances are given ?