Interesting Ansys Discovery Workshop especially for designers and Engineers around the globe.

Topic: ANSYS Discovery Simulation Driven Design For Every Engineer.


Date: FEB 13, 2018.

Time: 10 a.m. EST (8:30pm IST)

Registration Link: Click Here

Ansys Discovery is a new technology-driven approach where you can change or make modifications to your design and can instantly see the updated results related to the new geometry.

 The world leader of Simulation i.e. ANSYS is on a mission to equip all the R&D labs around the globe with the simulation software which will provide the engineers the confidence of their design before the product gets launched into the market.

Here is the video of the new latest simulation technology rolled out by ANSYS :

source: ansysinc Youtube Channel

Here is a launch video of the Ansys Discovery which will revolunise the upcoming decade in the field of engineering and simulation. This video shows the specificaitons use and features of the new technology developed by Ansys: