There are lots of students immigrating to CANADA for settling down and finding a good paying job.

But some of the students find quite difficult to search for jobs. This article gives you a good idea of how you can search for jobs in CANADA. In CANADA the jobs start from $52000 to $110000 a year. It goes up based on your experience. So if you are having experience of about 5 to 6 years then you might earn around $75000-$80000 a year. If you have certifications like PMP then it will increase your salary by 30% or so.

Jobs in CANADA:
 There are government jobs, Manufacturing jobs and some of the jobs really like PMP certifications. Eastern Canada is popular for Manufacturing companies i.e. Ontario. and If you are in Alberta, Calgary or Edmonton the basic two industries that you want to look will be Construction and Oil and Gas. If you have a background in Oil and Gas then you would really shine into Alberta.

Based on No. of Jobs available in Canada following are the top province that offer good jobs for Mechanical Engineer.

1. Ontario
2. British Columbia
3. Quebec (You might need to learn French to work as a Mechanical Engineer)
4. Alberta
5. Manitoba

Relations Matters
So try to keep good relations with all the friends and seniors. You might have observed that most of you get a part-time job with the reference of a good friend. So it’s not like you just maintain relationship just for getting a job. It’s a very bad impression when you just call your friend for seeking a job.

So How do you maintain a relationship with your friends and seniors?  Talking with people about things of their interests and helping them whenever needed. Sharing some interesting things to them about their interests. The video below shows how you can keep good relations with people for the long term. So this will help you in searching for jobs and people won’t think that you are just keeping in touch with them for your sole benefits.

Here is another video on how to build your online brand that works for your career:

Apart from it ASME FutureME has developed some of the very good resources to help Early Career Engineers for getting success in their engineering career.

1. Videos on Transition

Videos on Job Search:

Get Good Certifications:
Sometimes the degree and certifications that you have from your country might not be valid for CANADA. So you need to get more certifications for eg.

  • Six Sigma, 
  • Lean Manufacturing,
  • Green Belt, 
  • Black Belt, 
  • P-Eng., 
  • PMP (Project Management Professional) etc.

ASME Career Development Webinars:
Asme has developed and published a very good content for Early Career Engineers which help to get very good guidance to get jobs:

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