Most of the graduates after completing their studies join corporate Jobs in MNC’s and plan to settle their life.

But not all are same, 

Akash Behl and Yash Rane Two Mechanical Engineers from IIT Roorkee decided to follow their passion and do something creative rather than boring corporate job.

3D printing market is rapidly developing and these two entrepreneurs have come up with an amazing startup venture 
CHIZEL PRINTS providing Rapid Prototyping and Modeling solutions using 3D printers developing the Architectural Models for artichets and builders.
We are here with an interview with Yash Rane to share his experience of building up the startup, let’s look into what he has to share with us.


1) How did you spend your time during engineering?
I always looked for opportunities where I can meet different people from different domain. ASME was one big platform where I explore myself meeting different engineers across the world. Other than that, I was involved in Robotics and Music as drummer. Being involved in different community gave me cross-domain expertise.

2) Did you dream of becoming an entrepreneur during engineering, what were your goals?
Well, Entrepreneurship is a word with deep meaning. Every one defines it in his/her own terms. Being in college, I never felt entrepreneur kida (“bug”) in me. Though I had certain characteristics such as leading team, taking own decision and not being answerable to anyone, planning your schedule so that you run the world and not the world runs you. I missed lot of classes because of that, But then getting into job made me realized that my characteristics and my beliefs were crushed in job. Entrepreneurship was the answer and hence I chose to be one.

3) How did you get inspired to open up your venture Chizel Prints? Has your background helped you get where you are today?
Well after 8 months of job experience, I realized that I need to set my own rules. Rather than learning and following the system that someone else established, which will take you 15 years to learn and master so that you become MD / CEO of the company, its better to set your own system and since you made that system so you will be always best at it. The experiences I had motivated me to establish Chizel as my first (and not the last) venture.
Ofcourse, background helps a lot. It would have been very difficult If I did not have team work experience I had in college days. Also, being from a business family, it flows in my blood.

4) Currently as an entrepreneur what are you working on?
To be competitive in the market, you have to be innovative and think 2 years ahead of today. Since its just 4 months we have started our company, we are streamlining our sales channel and establishing systems in our organization. This is very integral step before one plans to scale up. Also, we are exploring new sectors of 3D printing application. We enjoy doing this, because every time we do something new and no one questions us why this. We like it, we do it.

5) Who Inspires You?
Leonardo Di Caprio (from wolf of wall street). I can spend my entire life watching that movie again and again.

6) What is your working schedule and how do you manage your time?
We don’t have a working schedule as such. We have flexible working hours. But we tend to spend atleast 10 hours working. Other than that, I try to spend some time for personal development. In entrepreneurship, there will not be a single day when you will go home feeling “THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO TODAY”. Work never ends but one who plans it well grow fast.
I have this habit of writing my tasks of the day as soon as I wake up. It helps me planning my day. But truly, I am not best at it. I am still learning.

7) As a kid , what did you want to be when you grew up? Is your life today different from how you envisioned it?
I think, its necessary for kids to have proper exposure so that they can decide early what they want to do. I am really lucky that I got the opportunities to explore the world when I was in college. Its really very necessary for an individual to experience different sectors, only then he/she can choose what they want to be.

8) As Steve Jobs mentioned that you will connect the dots when you look back into your life. Tell us something about connecting the dots in your life.
I cannot really connect the dots today, but  I would say, always work to improve your skills. What I am today is because what I did in my past. Focus on today, because you are making history every single day.

9) Your favorite movie, book and best thing that you enjoy doing.
Well I already mentioned.. favorite movie of the decade “Wolf of wall street”.
I prefer reading newspaper over books that too irregularly. It keeps me updated.
And my best pastime is Music. I play drums and I think I can connect to beats. I have started leaning electronic music composition on my own. So yes favorite pastime.

10) Message for Young Mechanical Engineers:
I meet lot of Young Mechanical guys want to start something on their own but worry about financial support. All I would say is, if you really want to do it everything can be done. There are part time opportunities and trust me, today the ecosystem is in a way, you can earn your living working 3 hours part time. People are doing it.
YOUNG + Mechanical Engineers + Startup = WORLDS BEST USP. Exploit it.


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