3D printing is one of the latest and fastest growing manufacturing technology which is bringing revolution to the field of Advanced Manufacturing.

 One of the MECHPRENEUR (Mechanical Entrepreneur) has started a company named stardust and we would like to have some of his views. Please read on to know more about him.

Hi Keyur welcome to MECHANICAL INFO
1)   How did you spend your time during engineering?
When we start our college life, we all have certain expectations for what type of exposure we would get from the institution. When I landed in college, there was a huge gap between what an engineering student would need and what’s provided there. So we used to take things in our hands when we wanted something beneficial for fellow students and for us. Me and my friends took initiatives by organizing various events like industrial visits, robotics events, and tech-fests. During our last year, we organized a state level tech-fest which was the most successful event in our colleges’ history.
2)   Did you dream of becoming an entrepreneur during engineering, what were your goals?
I did my engineering because I was fascinated by space exploration and the machines. This word didn’t even mean anything to me back then.
3)   How did you get inspired to open up your venture “Stardust”? Has your background helped you get where you are today?
It all started when I was during my job days. Got uncomfortable with the comfortable life and sought something that would interest me as well as that would really be of value for the mankind. That’s when I got in touch with this fascinating 3D printing technology and couldn’t think of anything else. This is when I thought about contributing myself in this field.  Being a mechanical engineer definitely helps in a way, but there’s a lot to entrepreneurship other that being technically sound while running a venture.

4)   Currently as an entrepreneur what are you working on?
3D printing is a disruptive technology which will revolutionize everything around us. It is a process of converting designs & ideas into real life 3-Dimensional objects. We are only scratching the surface today, just like the computers were in 1980s.We at Stardust Technologies are focused on building amazingly easy to use desktop 3D printers which could be operated even by non-techie people. This would change the lives of students, architects, product designers, and common man by giving them an ultimate tool of endless opportunities. It’s already being used in small to large scale industries but we strive to bring this technology to the masses. We are developing an ecosystem as a whole by conducting knowledge sharing workshops for students and curious minds. We also cater people who want to get their ideas into real life objects without the need to buy a printer (by running a print shop). Currently we are building our first commercial printer that would be available for purchase within 4-5 weeks. We are into the final stage of building it.
5)   Who Inspires You?
Figures like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson inspire me.
6)   What is your working schedule and how do you manage your time?
I can hardly differentiate my work from living. Even if I am surfing Facebook, there would be a tab open from 3D printing community in the background. I try to manage things on daily basis by meditating and deep thinking for 20-25 minutes in the morning and setting the course of the day. I also maintain weekly to do list, for sometimes as a startup we can’t control time of every meeting at a fixed time.

7)   As Steve Jobs mentioned that you will connect the dots when you look back into your life. Tell us something about connecting the dots in your life.
There have been many incidents in my life when there came a turning point which was never planned. Like getting the first job, finding a team mate and a guide through random incidents. So yeah I do believe in dots getting connected as the time comes. We just have to believe it will at some point.
8)   Your favorite movie, book and best thing that you enjoy doing.
We live in a continuously changing world and so do my list of favorite movies and books. I enjoy reading books and watching movies that help us learn & understand something new. I don’t see them just as a tool for entertainment. I love trying out new music and day dreaming about future.
9) Message for Young Mechanical Engineers:
Don’t feel inferior to do something crazy and new just because you don’t belong to Ivy League colleges or lack resources. Just jump into the thing that you’re in love with and the rest would be taken care of. Don’t keep Plan B, for it would reduce the importance of Plan A, the thing you believe so much in.