Dear Mechanical Engineering Gate Aspirants. Here we are with an interview with Mr. Divyang who recently cracked gate with a whopping score of 81.66 and is ready to join in IIT BOMBAY.

He mentions in the interview that he was clear with his goal of clearing gate from the very first semester of his engineering and he did all the preparations by himself. Read on the interview for more information.

Hello Divyang welcome to mechanical info.

First of all many many hearty congratulations for clearing gate with flying colours.

1) What was ur 1st and 2nd attempt GATE Score?
My first gate score was 55 marks and 639 score.
Second (2015) scrore is 81.66 narks and 865 score open category.

2) How did you plan to crack gate?
I had already planned to crack gate from my first semester of Engineering. I looked at various papers of past years , scope in future way of preparation and took guidance from my college

3) What was your everyday schedule?
Everyday I made sure that I spent througholy 3 to 4 hours for reading for GATE. I waked up at 6am, I started reading from 7am to 10 am in the morning. Then after getting back from college in the evening I spent time for college work and gate from 5pm to 12pm

4) Which material did you use for GATE Preparation?
I had only used reference books for GATE as well as college Notes.

5) Who inspires You?
I Inspired by my self only.

6) Your favourite Book, Movie, and best thing that you enjoy doing?

I like to read technical books and thinking is my favourite hobby. It is the best liking for me. I don’t watch movies (Just pirates of carrebian and sherlock holmes are the only movies that I like)

7) Your Message for young GATE ASPIRANTS.?
My message to gate aspirants is that “if you want to crack gate with good marks and want to learn technical in detail and if want to be knowledgeable person the only thing you need to do is reading good reference books and thinking from your own mind. There is no another way available to be successful person.
This is an awesome interview for mechanical engineering aspirants preparing for GATE 2017.