Hybrid Concept Of Car

As now a days innovation is required in any field . today I am going to discuss a very interesting field  AUTOMOBILE . Automobile is large field . Progress of Any country is depends upon the mode of transportation.  so there should be some innovation now and then.One of innovation in this field is Hybridization in vehicle. So lets have an look the concept of hybrid car.
         What is Hybrid electric Car ?
  • Hybrid electric car means that combines internal combustion engine with electric motor . or we can say it combines 2 or more power source.
  •   It has two types energy storage devices like fuel and electricity.
  •   Electricity means that a battery that will store energy then it can utilize afterwards.
  •    Fuel means that tank is required and internal combustion engine is used to generate mechanical power.
  •   Depending upon how motor and engine connected we can classify it as below.

(1) Series Hybrid
(2) Parallel hybrid
(3) Combined hybrid
Ø Series Hybrid :
                         In series hybrid the engine directly drives the generator insead of driving wheel. The generator charges both electric motor as well battery that moves the battery.

Here is a structure of  series hybrid shown.

Ø Parallel Hybrid :
                       Parallel hybrid system have a both internal combustion engine and electric motor are in parallel connection  in mechanical transmission .

Here Structure of Parallel hybrid as shown below,

Ø Combined hybrid :
                                Combined hybrid systems have features of both series and parallel hybrids. There is a double connection between the engine and the drive axle mechanical as well electrical. This split power path allows interconnecting mechanical and electrical power, at some cost in complexity.

v Components Of  HEV :
1)   Electric drives Motor :
         It converts electric energy into mechanical energy to drive the hybrid vehicle
2)    Auxiliary power unit :
         It supplies base line power required to the vehicle, recharges the batteries and power accessories like heater , and air conditioner .
         The APU can consist mechanical type of engine or a fuel cell.
3)    Generators :
         to convert mechanical power into electrical power when used in series hybrid.
4)    Energy Storage System :
         Peak power required in hybrid vehicle is met by devices like batteries , capacitors or a flywheel.
5)    Regenerative braking :
         Some of the energy is converted in electrical energy and stored.
      Rotational mechanism of braking system produces energy and it can be stored.
6)   Control system :
         It contains two main components, command and power component
         Command component manage and process driver’s instruction.
         Power component maintain the power feed in motor.
So, today we  have seen the concept of Hybrid electric car . should you buy Hybrid one ? to know that just visit  MECHANICALINFO

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