Do you know the tables in the drawing could be updated automatically. No need to worry about updating them manually if any revision is done. Follow the steps below to update tables in creo automatically.

We are taking example of reel model assembly to understand it.

Suppose you made a drawing of the above assembly and you want to make a table that automatically gets updated. Follow the below steps:

1) Create a new drawing of the Assembly 

2) Insert a table with required number of columns and two rows

3) Now After filling up the details of the required entries in the first row. Click on the Repeat region button and then click on the first and the last cell of the row in which you want the data to be automatically updated. Press switch symbol to see the highlighted border as shown below:

4) Now double click on each cell and select the desired field as shown in below image (rpt.index,, asm.mbr.description, rpt.qty). Again press switch symbol to get the data updated automatically.

5) You will find the updated table as shown below with many repeated quantities:

6)To eliminate the repeated quantities click on Repeat Region. You will find an option named Attributes in menu manager.

7) Click on Attributes then on the column of the table where there are repeated fields. After that click on Done.

8) You will see the table with unique fields and their quantities now updated. That’s it and you are done.