Here in this tutorial we would learn ABCD of ANALYSIS. A basic introduction.

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In this article you will learn how to simulate a gear train. One Spur Gear Rotates the Other Spur Gear.We will load igs file of the assembly that we previously created.

What are the effect of forces acting at the contact point of the mating spur gears.

Here we will give moment to one of the gear and will analyse the effect of the stress and strains produced at the mating region of pair of gears. I.e. at tooth.

1) Open ANSYS.

2) Select Static structural Analysis

3) There are Basic Six steps overall to complete the simulation to get your desired results.

4) Select the suitable Engineering Material.

5) Import the model of the spur gear train that you have created.Right click on Model and Then click on browse. Select the file from the location on which you have saved the file.

6) Double click on the Model . The ANSYS mechanical would pop up in new window.

7) Your Assembly of Gear train is loaded in the Model. Now we will add Constraints to the gear.

8) On left hand side you will see Mesh. Right click on it and select GENERATE MESH (you can edit the type of mesh on left hand side bottom).  You will see that mesh on gear assembly is generated

9) Right click on Static Structural and add Frictionless support to Left hand side GEAR.

10) Similarly add a moment of 1000Nm clockwise to the other gear.

11) Your constraints are added. You need to tell Ansys what results do you need? We will select stress and strain.

12)  In Results Right Click and select Stress, Vonmisses Stress

13) Similarly Right Click and select Strain, Vonmisses Strain.

After adding the above two desired results. Right click on Solution and click on Solve.

Hold back few minutes , Your Desired results are obtained as shown below.

15) Elastic Strain

16) Equivalent Stress