The core and beginning of product design are the design and analysis of products, which are the fundamentals of the mechanical engineering subject and industry, as designing is done on various CAD software. After that comes product analysis, which is the testing of our design using real-world scenarios on the product designed, and for this analysis Ansys is the most powerful software used in the industry for over 30 years.

      Types of optimization

  • Shape
    • Size
    • Topology

While shape and size optimization isn’t the greatest answer for the product design business, topology is commonly used for optimization.

Watch the videos on topology optimization from this playlist by TU Delft professor click here

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          Topology optimization

  • To put it another way, topology is the elimination of mass from various sections of a product such that the conditions and constraints of the product’s use are not affected.
  • Topology optimization is a mathematical method of optimizing a product that we can study, however Ansys has all of the mathematics setup for topology optimization in their programme.
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Watch this video by Ansys to get started to optimize your designs

Check out this amazing interactive on design optimization developed by faculty of TU Denmark for student : click here  

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To learn more about the mathematical way for optimization of product checkout the lecture series on it by Prof. C. Balaji, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras on nptelhrd YouTube channel: click here

Research article on design optimization using Ansys

 (These are some of the interesting reports must to look out to learn about optimization)

  • A Structural Optimization Framework for Multidisciplinary Design by Mohammad Kurdi : click here
  • Dynamic Topology Optimization of a Stair- Climbing Spline Wheel : click here

  • Topology optimization by Epsilon : click here
    (In this article the steps to do topology in Ansys structural analysis is explained)

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