Material:  Generally the material used to manufacture Pencil Lead is Graphite with clay is still used, and wax or other chemicals, mixture of natural graphite and chemicals.

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Basic Manufacturing Method: Extrusion, Billet press.

Production Route: Raw material-Extrusion of graphite-Billet press-Machining-Finishing.

Manufacturing Process:
The manufacturing process of Pencil Lead is very simple to understand.

                                                               Image source: you tube
Pencil Lead manufacturing for main machine to use:

  • Extrusion machine
  • Finishing machine
  • Cutter machine

This type Lead to make some properties to have required for the material they have bellowed it:

  • smooth writing

Approx time for manufacturing this Pencil Lead is 5sec per piece.

Approx. Cost of the Product: 1 Rs per piece.

Main Application: Duplicate a pattern, Drawing, writing.