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Today on waking up in the morning and tooth brushing the teeth, a thought suddenly struck that how these tooth brush are manufactured?

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 In the morning on waking up the first thing we do is tooth brushing. We clean our tooth using a tooth brush. But have you ever wondered how do these tooth brush are manufactured?
Read on the following article to find it out and feel proud and knowledgeble whenever you toothbrush your teeth in the morning.
Its said thata use of tooth brush started way back in China around 1600
 Generally the material used to manufactrue the toothbrushes is plastic and Bristles are made up of Nylon.
Manufacturing Process:
The manufacturing process of tooth brush is very simple to understand. Its interesting thing to understand is how bristles are attached to the head of the toothbrush.
  • The tooth brush are made up of plastics hence the best process used to manufacture them is plastic injection molding .
  • In Injection molding the die is designed according to requirement of the proper size and shape of the tooth brush.
  • After designing the die for the tooth brush plastic pellets are used as the rawmaterial for injection moulding machine.
  • They are melted and injected with high pressure into the cavity of the stainless steel mould and hence you get the desired shape of the tooth brush in the form of plastic material
  • The sample of die designed for toothbrush is shown below:
image source: www.ecvv.com
  • In the above mould 12 toothbrush are manufactured together at once. As you can see the mould is having the cavities in the form of tooth brush.
  • The cavity contains the holes in the head of the toothbrush which are used to fix nylon bristles later on.
image source: www.youtube.com
Fixing of the Nylon Bristles.
A special machine is used to fix up the nylon bristles.It is very quick machine which fixes the nylon bristles.Its very quicker than any human could fix the bristles and its hygenic.
image source: www.youtube.com
image source: www.youtube.com

  • Its very interesting to know that these bristles are bend into half and staple ring is used to hold them together at its end. The machine fixes it into the hole. It works very fast. 
  • In one single hole approximately 24 bristles are fixed up.
If you want to see these metal staples just break your old tooth brush you will find it amazing to see them.
Bristels are then grinded and given a finished shape like plane or zigzag according to different requirements and functions:
image source: www.youtube.com
This is how tooth brush is manufactured. 
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