Hello Mechanical Engineers. Welcome to how its made series. There are many products that you use everyday starting from morning toothbrush till using the bed at night for sleeping. But do you know how are they manufactured?  Here is a short sweet brief information about Surfact Plate.
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We use Surface Plate as a Simulator for Quality control. As its used for Quality purpose checking it has to be perfect and precise. But do you know how its manufactured? Here is all information about it.

Production Route: Raw material—–>Casting—–>Machining—–>Scraping—–>Frosting

Main Application: The surface plate is used as the main horizontal reference plane for precision inspection in conjunction with accessories such as a square, straight edge, gage blocks, sine bar, sine plate, dial indicator, parallels, angle plate, height gage, etc.

Raw Material: Granite, Cast iron, Glass
Basic Manufacturing Method: Forming and Subtractive both
Different Machines Use For Product: Lathe, Planner machine, Scrapper 
Approx. Time For Manufacturing: 35 days

Now whenever you see a surface plate share knowledge with your collegues especially with your Quality checking person. 🙂

For detailed information about manufacturing process of surface plate please CLICK HERE