Hello to all Mechanical Engineers out there. Here we are with another article on how to design a perfect quality product. With the example of Meze 99 Classic Headphones you can understand how quality products are designed.

Meze 99 Classics
Photo Courtesy : www.mezeheadphones.com

 The latest model released by meze headphones is Meze 99 classics as shown below

Meze 99 Classics
Photo Courtesy : www.mezeheadphones.com

It took almost 2 years for meze headphone team to develop the stylish looking and comfortable headphones without sacrificing the quality of the product. 

Check out what the product designer has to say about the product

You can see the roadmap of product development as below:

Road Map
Photo Courtesy : INDIEGOGO

And the person behind the product is Antonio Meze.  

Antonio Meze
Photo Courtesy : INDIEGOGO

You can check the profile of the product designer by clicking HERE

They launched a campaign on INDIEGOGO and reached the funding goal within 2days. click HERE

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