Do you want to know about a person who can guide you on “How to crack google as a mechanical Engineer?”

Meet Mayank Agarwal, a Nagpur engineering student who specialized in the mechanical engineering stream has got selected for the Student Training Internship Program in Google. He has provided certain valuable tips to achieve your vision of pursuing your career at Google. 

Ways to prepare yourself to crack google crack google as a mechanical engineer

Below are the words of Mayank Agarwal for those mechanical engineers who are passionate about pursuing their careers in tech companies rather than core companies.

career opportunities in google for mechanical engineers


“Many tech companies won’t hire mechanical engineers” which is not a misconception but reality. Only at present certain big tech companies like Google and Uber are hiring mechanical engineers. 

If a mechanical engineer needs to be selected in the place of computer engineer then he should need to possess not only knowledge equal to that of a computer engineer but more than that of him. 

Value-added programs

Being a competitive programmer, he focussed on ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest). To become efficient programmers we should need to need to train ourselves in competitive platforms like Codeforces, Codechef, Google kickstart, Google board, etc…

Coding knowledge

Since all the tech companies are recruiting candidates through coding, data structures and algorithms play a major role in your recruitment process. Hence we can master the data structures and algorithms through competitive programming. 

job opportunities in google for mechanical engineers

Preparation techniques

  • Get a 2-month preparation before the date. 
  • Practice competitive programming by participating in several programming contests
  • If you are aiming for Google then Google Kickstart and Google code Jam will be the best tool for your preparation. 
  • Though there is a difference between the difficulty level in Google kickstart and Google interview questions, but the patterns remain the same. 

Interview experience to know how to crack google as mechanical Engineer

  • There will be a 2-rounds in the recruitment process 
  • First-round will be a quite easy process where the second round the solution remains easy but getting a solution seems to be difficult
  • Other than focussing on getting the solution focus on the implementation part. This is where the recruiters got impressed upon your skills. 
  • Despite having full marks in the coding examination your kickstart marks and your personal CV will be the crucial things in recruiting process. 
  • Your chance of hiring will be high when your rank is below 200 in Kickstart. 
  • Recruiters mainly focus on coding ability and vast knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Google believes that a competitive programmer will learn any other things with ease
  • It will be helpful if you have an experience in ICPC and a god kickstart rank 
  • Get a wider knowledge about the basic algorithms and data structures and the ability to think for the solution and implementation. 
career opportunities in google for mechanical engineers

Quick tips for Cracking google as a mechanical engineer

  • Being a non-circuit branch person primarily focus on computer programming 
  • Train to become a competitive programmer to increase your coding level
  • Go for the editorials to gain knowledge 
  • Focus more on contest rather than practicing
  • Try out different contests conducted by code forces, CodeChef, Kickstart, Jam, and ICPC.
  • Coding under pressure will develop the competitive programming skills that will be quite useful for those engineers in non-circuit branches to crack tech companies like Google, Uber, and Microsoft, etc…

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