Many a time we had seen that a bright students can’t perform as per his/her level in the exam. Even he/she preparing well before the exam but as soon as the judgment day comes they fails to recall what they had prepared for the exam. This is the common problem with the students. 

On the day of exam students are facing following problems:
* Lack of concentration
*Can’t recall the formulas and definition
* Cannot complete the problems though they had solved it prior
*Silly mistakes in writing answer
*Cannot complete the exam in time
These are the common problems faced by most of the people during their student life. The reason for all of these problems is ……improper and insufficient practice. We all know that during cricket tournament when one team travels to other country, complete team practice for couple of days to set themselves in that environment. When astronauts prepares for their space mission they also spent some times to habituate their minds and body by actually per-living the in-space experience, as if it is already happening.  
Similarly if students start practicing and solving the problems as per the situation of exam day. If they fails to do so, it simply means that they haven’t habituate their mind with that level of concentration which is required in exam hall. If students does not taken care of units, values, constant during the preparation then chances are more to do silly mistakes in exam. Our brain always do that things which we are doing.
How to improve concentration:
We can’t improve concentration in one or two days. One need continues effort to develop the brain up to top level. Don’t be disquiet and solve every problem with extreme level of concentration. Once you start preparation considering every day as day of exam, defiantly you will perform better in the exam. Make a habit to go through the mock test. You will never complain for the above mentioned problems.