Here is the quiz for Mechanical Engineers check out your skills in engineering Drawing. This quiz is from one of our faithful reader.

1.In engineering drawing which of the following instrument is used to draw the different angles?

a) Roller scale
b) Protector
c) Set square
d) Circle master

2. Dashes line is used for?
a) Outer boundary
b) End brake line
c) Hidden line
d) All of above

3. Following is the method of dimensioning.
a) Aligned system
b) Parallel dimensioning
c) Chain dimensioning
d) All of above

4. Following is/are the example of reduced scale.
a) 1:2
b) 1:10
c) 1:100
d) All of Above

5. A2 size sheet having following dimensions.
a) 250×625
b) 230×520
c) 480×230
d) 600×200

6. Following is the example of center line

7. To draw a Pentagon internal angle is ?
a) 120°
b) 108°
c) 180°
d) 90°

8. Following Projection methods are generally used for drawing 2D view.
a) 1st angle
b) 2nd angle
c) 3rd angle
d) 4th angle

9.    In a first angle projection method top-view will be at?
a) Above FV
b) Below FV
c) Left side of FV
d) Right side of FV

10.  following is the symbols of 1st angle projection method.

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