While working in design office you need to give tolerance, select the right standard material, see the material and mass properties. So do you know which books are used by design engineers for taking all these reference? Here we have tried to suggest some of the few books which are used.


 A book published by CMTI (Central Manufacturing Technology Institute). Its a institute providing Technical Solutions to manufacturing sectors and assisting the technological growth in the country. Its a very good book. It covers almost all the things in detail and provides the data required for the manufacturing technology use.


Westerman tables is a quick reference type of book. Reference data provided over here is very quick and handy. you will find all the types of material properties, formulaes for area and volume for various shapes, manufacturing data. etc.


Design Data book is very familiar to almost all the mechanical engineers. This book too provides all the reference data for designing gears, brakes, etc..

 A good reference book used by mechanical engineers since their graduation.