Drawing sheets are available in various sizes. Series “A” is used to specify the size of Drawing sheet. Generally 1.414 (Square root of 2) is the factor used for the sides of every size. 1:2 is the ratio for the area of successive drawing sheet.

Size of A0 to A6 sheet are as below:

false false EN-US X-NONE HI

A6: 148 X 105mm
A5: 210 X 148mm
A4: 297 X 210mm
A3: 420 X 297mm
A2: 594 X 420mm
A1: 841 X 594mm
A0: 1189 X 841mm

Area of Drawing sheet: ( in mm2)

A6: 15540
A5: 31080
A4: 62370  
A3: 124740 
A2: 249480 
A1: 499554  
A0: 999949