Are you wondering how do innovations occur?

The main source of innovation is either a necessity, Our Environment, Constantly stick to something or sometimes by accident innovations occur.

Here is an innovation from the engineers from festo. The inspiration to manufacture a Bionic hand came through watching and observing the trunk of the elephant and using multi discipline of engineering the superb bionic hand came into reality.

Ever seen a flexible robotic arm 

which could grip any type of object into its hand?
Here is one fully flexible bionic hand prepared by festo engineers which could grip any kind of complex shape objects.

Taking inspiration from the trunk of the elephant, A team of festo engineers developed the robotic arm which is flexible and could hold any kind of complex shape object.

So whats involved into manufacturing it?


Manufacturing of the fully flexible bionic hand takes up multi discipline engineering knowledge and its applicaion.

Watch out the above amazing video to know about it more.