An Electric Vehicle (EV) consists of several factors. Choosing an EV must depend on those factors either directly it indirectly. Those Factors include 

  • Which type of EV, you need either fully electric or hybrid?
  • Whether you need safety factors or luxury factors?
  • Is your dream EV comes within your budget?
  • If you need it for covering short distances or for long drives? 
All these factors will play a crucial role in the selling of EVs. Not all EV’s are permitted in all countries. Not all EV cars are suitable for different types of roads in different countries. So that the top-ranking car varies in India, U.S.A, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Australia’s best Electric Car of 2021 

Australia is one of the countries which lags in emerging EV technology. EV manufacturers believe that this scenario will be eradicated due to the introduction of brand new EV’s. At present Hyundai Ioniq, 2020 remains as best EV available in the Australian EV sector. 
The price of the Hyundai Ioniq Starts at $37.400. It comes with a battery range of 38.3 kWh. This car even holds the best fuel economy car in India. They are providing a warranty for your battery and EV batteries in the car.  

India’s best Electric Car  of 2021

Hyundai’s Kona electric car is one of the top-ranking EV’s in India. The price of Kona electric starts from Rs.23 lakh to Rs.24 lakh. The massive advantage of Kona is that it delivers maximum efficiency as well as utmost comfort. Within 60 minutes it can charge up to 80%. and runs 452 km on a single charge. 

Germany’s best Electric Car  of 2021 

With 16.220, selling units Volkswagen’s VW UP ranks as best selling EV in Germany. This car comes in the price range of 13,250 Euro to 23,555 euro. It has a warranty for 3 years with 60,000 miles. VW-Up has a battery size of 36.8 kWh. 11 hours is a charging time of VW-Up.

Canada’s best Electric Car  of 2021

When it comes to Canada, Tesla’s Model 3 ranks the top positing in EV selling. The price of a car starts from $35,000. It includes standard range plus model and long-range models. The long Range models can go up to the range of 353-mile. 

U.S.A’s best Electric Car  of 2021

U.S.A has adopted EV technologies faster by providing incentives to the people while buying EVs. If you look for the best small electric car, the Mini Cooper Electric hardtop will be in the top position. It has the same features as of gas vehicle. But it has only a maximum range of 110 miles. 
According to U.S News Kia’s Niro EV is also one of the best EVs available in the U.S.A. It comes with a maximum range of 239 miles. Niro costs around $21,431 – $29,734.

As time proceeds, new inventions on electric vehicles could be increased, further increasing the selling of EVs. To increase the sales of EVs, there must be government support, a large number of charging stations, and longer miles. 

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