• ASME is a society which was formed nearly in 1880s, when an accident occurred in a Ship carrying oil and petroleum in which boiler failure occurred and got exploided

  • So in order to avid such a huge mishap it was inevitable to form standards and hence a society for developing standards was formed.

  • Apart from BOILER AND PRESSURE VESSEL standards many other standards were developed and are being improved.

  • Standards provide you scope of interchangeability.A part of assembly manufactured in INDIA according to standard could be used anywhere in the world.Being a mechanical engineer you should atleast have idea about how many section of codes and standards are there in asme and they are for what. 

  • As we all are living in 21st century at where  precision is required in any field if it designing , manufacturing , analysis etc. so we need some standards to make world wide thing . ASME stands For American Society for Mechanical Engineers . They are Providing standards of design as well some manufacturing Parts. So let have an look Towards Standards and Codes…

Here is the list of ASME STANDARDS

·       ASME B31.1 : – Power Piping
                                          This Section Covers information about boiler external piping for steam or vapor.
·       ASME B31.2 :- Fuel Gas Piping
                                       This Section Covers information about  piping systems for fuel gases. These gases include  manufactured gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, and mixtures above the upper combustible limits.
·       ASME B31.3:-  Process Piping
                                        This Section Covers information about piping in chemical plants. The quality of the weld is set by the owner’ determination of the safety aspects of the fluid being contained.
·       ASME B31.4 :-  Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid hydro- Carbons and other liquids.
                                          This Section Covers information about piping for liquid petroleum products such as crude oil and gasoline.
·       ASME B31.5 :-  Refrigeration Piping and Heat
Exchanger Components
                                         This Section Covers information about refrigerant and brine piping systems. It does not include self-contained or unit refrigeration systems that are subject to UL specifications.
·       ASME B31.8 :- Gas Transmission and Distribution
Piping Systems
                                      This Section Covers application to regulating stations, gas compressor stations, gas mains and service lines up to the end users meter set.
·       ASME B31.9 :- Building Services
                                       This Section Covers information about building services for heating and cooling water, condensing water, steam, vacuum, compressed air, combustible liquids and non-flammable gases.

Other American Societies for other standards are below :

  • American Society for Non-Destructive Testing
  • American Welding Society
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • American Society for Testing and Materials

So ,in this article we have seen some standards given by ASME and Codes. To know About More Standards And Designing principles Visit MECHANICALINFO
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