Here is an ASME code quiz based on some of the ASME codes and standards. For ASME codes and standards list and information  CLICK HERE

1.ASME B 31.2 code is used for_____________

(a) fuel gas piping 
(b) power boiler 
(c) material 
(d) heating boiler 

2. Heating boiler information is given in ASME___________ 
(b) section  VI
(c)section IV
(d) sectionI

3. ASME Section XII is used for_____________
(a) rules for construction 
(b) rules for transport tank
(c) a & b
(d) non of above 

4. ASME is a society which was formed nearly in________
(a) 1925s
(b) 1900s
(c) 1880s
(d) 1854s

5. ASME was formed because accident occurred in a Ship carrying oil and petroleum in which___________ failure occurred and got exploded.

(a) boiler 
(b) turbine 
(c) propeller  
(d) Engine 

6. American Societies for other standards is/are__________

(a) American Society for Non-Destructive Testing
(b) American Welding Society
(c) American Petroleum Institute
(d) All of Above

7. For process piping following code is used.

(a) ASME B 31.3 
(b) ASME B31.4
(c) ASME B 31.5
(d) ASME B 31.6

8. Rules for pressure vessel is given in__________

(a)ASMEsection II
(b) ASME section  VI
(c) ASME section VIII
(d) ASME section III

9.   ASME B______ :-  Refrigeration Piping and HeatExchanger Components

(a) 31.3
(b) 31.8
(d) 31.1

10. ASME stands For__________

(a) American Society for Mechanical Engineer
(b) American Society for Machine & Engine 
(c) American Science of man & Environment 
(d)American System of mass & Energy transfer