Mechanical engineering is a large arena in which numerous fields mix and the expertise and time required for proficiency in a given sector vary. There are several engineering societies such as ASME, SAE, and others that hold wholesome activities for all individuals. Through these societies, students may compete in their favorite domain or can attend conferences to network and professionals can interact in conferences with others to strengthen their effectiveness in the engineering domain.

πŸ’‘ Let’s look at the events upcoming in 2022:

ASME E-fests

Every year, the American Society of Engineers hosts an E-fests for college students and experts in mechanical engineering from across the world to participate. This year’s competitions include an oral competition, a human powered vehicle challenge, a student design competition, and more.

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The ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) is an international accelerator for hardware led social innovation. The regional event are hosted annually at USA, Kenya and India

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ISIGHT is an annual tech talk of Dassault systemes where they talk about the technical changes in their various software

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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers provides a variety of competitions and challenges for students to improve their abilities.

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International Mechanical Engineering Education Leadership Summit (MEED)

MEED is arranged by ASME annually the speakers include from the sector of startup to government authorities

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International Conference on Renewable power Generation (RPG 2022)

RPG is hosted by IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology), where abstracts and conferences pertaining to renewable power generation are given.

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SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) conducts a plethora of undergraduate design competitions all around the world.

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Webinar by Dassault systems on Simulation driven engineering in the aerospace and defense industry.

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More events

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