A Master Piece of Engineering – The Bugatti Veyron

Automobile is one the fast Growing field Than Other. As Time Passes Human Could Reached Up To Make Whatever They Want With The Help Of 3D Printers and CLIP Technology For Manufacturing. But If You Look Towards The Automobile Field Then You Might Know the Such Car That never Before Made, Never before Imagined That Is “ The Master Piece Of Engineering- The Bugatti Veyron “.Some of The Unique Features I would Like to Share That Only “ Bugatti Veyron” Have Within. So Let’s Have a Look the World’s Fastest Car – The Bugatti Veyron.
Ø Unique Features Of The Bugatti Veyron :
o   Bugatti Veyron Has A Top Speed Of 407 km/hr.
o   It Has an Advanced Brake System which is used in jumbo Jet Airplane. It consist Two Types Of Brakes :
          (1). Mechanical Brakes
          (2). Air Brakes
o   It has type Of Engine which is Made By two V8 Engine. This Engine Is Named as W16 Engine. Which Produces 1001 Horse Power That Is Five Times More Than Normal car.
o   The Whole Engine Is Made by Titanium which can withstand in High Heat and High Temperature as Well.
o   The Engine Consist Of 3500 Parts. Which Is Quietly More Than Any Car.
o   The Engine Of Bugatti Veyron Is Produces 3000 Horse Power But 2000 Horse Power Is Wastes In Form Of Heat.
o   The Bugatti Veyron can Achieve Speed of 300 km/hr. Within 17 Sec. Which is faster than Take Off Of any Jet plane.
o   The brake is made up of Carbon-Ceramic Titanium Alloy.
o   Brake is Manufactured In that Way that it can be Stop the speed Of 407 km/hr within 10 sec.
o   It Needs 4000 Horse power From 407 km/hr to 0 km/hr.
o   The Bugatti Veyron Is Most tested car than other. Before to launch in market This Car is driven by special driver for 500 km in which all parameter to be checked.
o   Finally you can get with these all Fantastic and Unique featured Bugatti Veyron JUST ONLY in 1, 75,000 Dollar.
So as we have seen the uniqueness of world’s fastest And Masterpiece of Engineering “the Bugatti Veyron “. For more post related to AUTOMOBILE Keep Visiting MECHANICALINFO.
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