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Space Society of Mechanical Engineers (SSME) Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad 

Theme of the Awareness Seminar:

This awareness seminar on “Additive Manufacturing Technology and its Applications” is designed to help in knowledge sharing and value addition of not only the professional mechanical engineers but also of the engineering college faculty and Scientists/ Engineers working in various research organizations. The sharing of knowledge would help the Engineers and industrialists in gearing up for the future technical challenges. Space/Aerospace worthy components essentially require multiple machining processes and their combination for realization e.g. CNC Milling, EDM, Wire cut etc. Typically 90% of the material is removed from a solid block to obtain the final desired shape. These processes need special tools to be made for each part. At times due to process limitations, tool approach, miniaturized features etc., designers are compelled to split the job into two or more pieces. This affects functional performance particularly of the microwave components and also increases the weight of assembly because of increased fasteners. 3D printing technology creates three-dimensional products similar to a standard desktop 2D paper printing process. It is a type of additive manufacturing processes which will give industries new product design flexibilities and will shorten time to market. Still, in developing stage, this technology has created wide interests for various applications from rapid prototyping to end use products. With minimum material wastage which is unavoidable in conventional fabrication techniques like casting, machining and drilling, 3D printing provides an economical way for several industries varying from automobile to Aerospace. Since this technology minimizes the gap between design modification and product fabrication, it has made the product realization and change response more reactive and fast. Additive Technologies like Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Laser Micro Sintering may be explored in realizing complex metal parts in single piece without tooling, for quicker realization of complex jobs and for ease of fabricating miniaturized jobs. Modern products are more demanding in terms of dimensional accuracies, surface finish, micro structural integrity. These additive techniques are able to meet some of the requirements but yet a lot is to be done to meet the standards for quality components The seminar will contain invited talks from professionals and academicians from various Institutes like ISRO, IIT’s, IITRAM, IGTR and other industries.

There will be a display of parts manufactured by various 3D printing techniques in addition to live demonstration of a 3D printer. For the exhibition, please contact coordinators.

Key Dates:
Dates of Seminar : 13 to 14 April-2018
Last date of Registration : 11-April-2018
Announcement of : 12-April-2018
Short listed candidates
Interested candidates are requested for on-line registration at
given link on IITRAM website.

All practicing engineers working in private, public,
government organizations/industries, faculties, research
scholars and students from academic institutions are
eligible to apply.

Registration Fee:
l Industry Professionals ` 1500/-
l Faculties ` 1000/-
l Individuals/Students/SSME Members ` 500/-

For registration and payment details, Please follow the link:
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Suitably furnished accommodation will be made available if
requested in advance, in the hostels of the IITRAM for out
stationed candidates on twin sharing basis on nominal