Holding just a degree doesn’t make you a professional engineer. It requires specific exposure to the training programs, the latest trends in the field, and other technical skills and activities. To become a professional mechanical engineer, below provided are the technical events for the month of May. 

1. Creo Launch webinar – 4th May 2022

This event has been organized by Creo for a new product launch, Creo 9. They have planned to conduct a pre-launch webinar on 4th May. This requires a pre-registration. The webinar will include the following topics.

  • Product feature that allows you to make effective and best designs in a short time
  • They will teach you to use the updated manipulation and managing tools.
  • How it was built using model based development.
  • Useful tips to make super use of this designing software

To apply for this webinar click on the below link.


2. Professional Registration Event -03rd May 2022

 This event has been conducted by IMechE in a virtual mode. They have been arranged for an expert to provide you with a guide for your professional registration and updating your membership. They will provide advice on the below points.

Features of this event 

  • Initially, they would tell you which membership is suitable for you
  • All the eligibility requirements. 
  • Also, provide training about attending the professional review interview for IEng and CEng applications. 

To get participated in this event click on the below link. 



3. An overview of Electrical Transmission and Distribution System for Non-electrical engineers – 9th May 2022

   This event has been conducted by EPIC training institution to provide knowledge of electrical transmission and distribution systems for mechanical and other non-electrical engineering streams. 

Features of this event 

  • From this course, you will actively take place in a workgroup involving electrical transition and distribution. 
  • You can apply the knowledge of power systems in your workplace. 
  • Also, they provide knowledge about the concept of line losses and how to mitigate them. 

To apply for this event click on the below link.


4. Webinar on Linear motion design tools for your schedule – 18th May 2022

This webinar event on the topic of Linear motion design tools for your schedule has been sponsored by Tolomatic in a virtual model. They will primarily discuss the concept of linear motion, its advantages, and the design tools. 

Features of this event

  • According to them, “ New tools simplify the linear motion project to meet the exciting standards and at the same time results in the tight project timeline. 
  • They will provide you with the knowledge of how to address the challenges involved in sizing, selection, and final decision. 

To apply for this event click on the below link. 


5. How 3D printing supports supply chain – 10th May 2022

This futuristic webinar has been arranged by formlabs in a virtual mode. As we are progressing in 4. O Industrial revolution, this webinar discusses the challenging methods that are available for the future manufacturing process. 

Features of this event 

  • They would primarily discuss 3D printing and machine learning that are supportive of the supply chain. 
  • Knowledge about how to bring the industries into prototyping, and production in a largely house. 
  • Thus we can ease the designing process of replacement tools for production lines 

To apply for this event click on the below link. 


6. Webinar by Department of Mechanical engineering – 26-30th May 2022

This webinar has been conducted by Jawaharlal College of engineering and coordinated by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It was conducted as three sessions webinars 

Features of this event

  • The first session consists of the topic of advancements in refrigeration and air conditioning. 
  • In the second session, they will discuss the soft skills that are required for an engineer. 
  • The third session will consist of the Role of Engineers in Post covid era

To apply for this event click on the below link. 


7. International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial and Civil Engineering (ICMMICE) – 1st May 2022

This international conference on Mechanical, manufacturing Industrial, and Civil engineering is being organized by the International Society for Engineers and technical education. The main objective of this conference is to share the latest ongoing research and results published. 

Through this, they are creating a platform to exchange ideas and explore futuristic projects and their applications. Also, the submitted journals will be published you need to submit the abstract before 15th April 2022.

To apply for this event click on the below link. 


8. 5th International on Design, Analysis, Simulation, and Manufacturing – 18th May 2022

This International Conference on Design, manufacturing, Analysis, and Simulation has been organized by the Saveetha school of engineering. 

This conference will deal with the below- areas. 

  • 3D printing
  • Application of AI techniques
  • Applied mechanics and design 

To apply for this conference click on the below link. 



9. International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Mechanical Engineering (ICAIRME) – 1st May 2022

This international conference on artificial intelligence, robots, and mechanical engineering has been organized by an academics coordinator. The primary intention is to provide a platform for the global participants to convey and share their ideas with aspiring participants from different parts of the world. 

The deadline for the submission of the abstract is 15th April 2022. To apply for this event click on the below link. 


10. International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering, Technology, and Science (ICRAETS) – 6th May 2022

This International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering, Science,  and Technology (ICRATE) has been conducted by Arsss. The main objective of this conference is to share knowledge about the recent trends and the advancement being made in engineering, science, and technological stream. 

This would create a platform to share valuable ideas and resources. You need to submit the abstract by 22nd April 2022. To apply for this event click on the below link. 


11. High-performance Powertrains 2022 – 10th May 2022

This event on High-performance Powertrains 2022 has been organized by IMechE on 10th May 2022. Their main aim is to provide knowledge about the latest developments in high-performance vehicles and the motorsport range of vehicles. 

You will gain knowledge about the below-mentioned topics

  • An insight into the sustainable fuels of both synthetic and biofuels. 
  • Application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. 
  • Case studies from the global top motocorp companies. 

To take part in this event click on the below link. 


12. The Challenging of Adopting Battery and Hybrid Technology in Rail Industry- Seminar by IMechE – 4th May 2022

 This event has been carried out by IMechE online on 4th May 2022. Through this event, the participants would gain knowledge about the below-mentioned points 

  • Role of Hybrid Technology in Environment and its pollution-reducing criteria. 
  • Challenges that are presented in converting the existing railway system into hybrid and battery-oriented technology.
  • Benefits of electrification of  UK railway supply chain. 

To get participated in this event click on the below link 


13. An insight into Formula 1 Aerodynamics at the BWT Alpine F1     Team – 11th May 2022

This event, An insight into formula 1 Aerodynamics at the BWT Alpine F1 have been conducted by IMechE. The speakers of this event will discuss the below-mentioned topics.

  • What are the significant techniques required for the car Renault F1? 
  • What are the skills required before designing and building the Formula 1 
  • Also provides a detailed presentation of Formula 1 Aerodynamics at the BWT Alpine F1     Team

To apply for this event click on the below link 



14. ATEX and DSEAR: Reducing the Risk of Fire and Explosion – 18th May 2022

This online seminar on Reducing the risk of fire and explosion in the workplace has been organized by the Institution’s Bulk Materials Handling Committee in association with IMechE. This training program is particularly for those engineers who handle potentially combustible substances in the workplace. 

You will come to know about the below-mentioned points. 

  • Participants can learn about more case studies on accidents. 
  • Receiving feedback from the technical experts to manage the risks. 
  • Knowledge of identifying and addressing the shortcomings. 

To participate in this event click on the below link. 


15. Nuclear Innovation: How do we innovate in our industry? -19th May 2022

This technical event on How to innovate nuclear innovation in or country? Has been organized by IMechE. They will primarily discuss the ease of innovating the nuclear industry. They also made a discussion about possible ways to utilize the technology and new engineering techniques. 

You can also learn the benefit of case studies of operational projects. To apply for this event click on the below link. 


16. Battery Energy Storage 2022 – 24th May

This seminar on Battery Energy Storage has been organized by IMechE. Since the world is moving towards the 250 net-zero targets, the importance of grid-associated energy storage systems is rising higher and higher.

Through this seminar, you can learn the below-mentioned things. 

  • Insight of government and industry side development plans 
  • Knowing the current and future demand 
  • Also learning about the cutting edge developments in stationary battery energy storage 
  • Knowing about current ongoing projects 

To know about this project click on the below-provided link. 


These are the technical events that are yet to come in the month of May. Be prepared yourself with the required technical knowledge and attend these events to step up a level in your career growth.